Intensive on Kingdom of God

Would you be interested in a week’s formal study on what the kingdom of God is? Count me in.

What is the kingdom of God? A week-long intensive. Here in Perth, Western Australia. I’m in!

Derek Tidball is presenting, all the way from London. He has formal education in sociology (yep, a kingdom is a social entity), theology (yep, it’s God’s kingdom), and missions (yep, God’s kingdom is his mission — missio dei).

Dr Tidball has experience in both pastoral life and the academy. He’s written several commentaries, study themes, and other books published by InterVarsity Press, including: Continue reading “Intensive on Kingdom of God”

Ecclesiastes: a meaningless book?

How do you take a book that tells you everything is meaningless?

How would you respond if a mature-aged person told you that everything is meaningless? You might conclude, “Well, I guess the poor cynic is right about himself.”

So, is the book of Ecclesiastes meaningless? Or is it a sharp tool to carve away the meaningless layers and sculpt something of significance from our existence? Continue reading “Ecclesiastes: a meaningless book?”